BLUEMEN 藍男色 NO.251 體育男孩宇宸的究極挑戰 宇宸 ‖ R+【PHOTO+VIDEO】


退潮的海灘有一點憂鬱 有一點藍


在微熱的季節 給你一點清涼的暢快

下彎 . 棒棒



將帳篷頂出讓人驚豔的新高度 是同學嬉鬧的對象


精華 . 發射


身體有點熱 臉有點潮紅

: [現在可以打出來嗎?]

宇宸有點尷尬 卻也不想拒絕

閉上眼睛 玩弄著奶頭 想像著正被喜歡的人服務著...

幹! ~ 啊!!



看起來好色的宇宸 等著你來佔有

Finally completed the achievement of picture shooting at the beach

The beach at low tide is a little melancholy and a little blue

It is very suitable for Yu Chen to naked walks

In the little hot season, give you a bit of coolness

Bend down , my dick

The downward bend dick made Yu Chen feel embarrassed for a while

Especially after the nap, can't hold it down

Raising the tent to an amazing new height is the object of classmates' fun

It is also the focus of the envy of classmates

Essence. Launch

Yu Chen who had an erection for a period of time

My body is a little hot and my face is a little flushing

: [Can you eruption now?]

Yu Chen is a little embarrassed, but doesn't want to refuse

Close your eyes, play with your nipples, imagine being served by someone you like...

FxxK! ~ Ah!!

Instantly liberated all tension

Hot semen cums young flesh

Yu Chen who looks lustful is waiting for you to take possession.